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Bryn y Maen

Eglwys Crist

Christ Church

Cyf. AO:
SH 836762
Gradd II
Cyn 1974:
Sir Ddinbych
1974 - 1996:
Ers 1996:
Bryn y Maen Parish Church
OS Ref.:
SH 836762
Grade II
Pre 1974:
1974 - 1996:
Since 1996:

Gosodwyd y garreg sylfaen Eglwys Crist ym Mryn y Maen ar 4 Mai, 1897; ac ysegrwyd yr adeilad a gwblhawyd gan Esgob Llanelwy ar Dydd Mawrth, 28 Medi, 1899.

The foundation stone of Christ Church in Bryn y Maen was laid on 4 May, 1897; and the Bishop of St. Asaph consecrated the completed building on Tuesday, 28 September, 1899.

Christ Church, Brynymaen, built to the honour and glory of God and to the dear memory of Charles Frost, was consecrated by the Bishop of St. Asaph on Tuesday morning, the event very naturally proving one of wide-spread interest in the district. This handsomely designed and substantially built church, which will take rank as one of the most magnificent in the diocese, was erected by Mrs Charles Frost, of Min-y-don, a lady well-known for her generous and liberal support of religious work, to perpetuate the memory of her late husband, Mr Charles Frost, whose mortal remains lie buried within what is now the church-yard. ..... Christ Church forms a striking feature in one of the finest landscapes in Wales. It stands, at an altitude of something like 840 feet above the level of the sea, upon a broad plateau, and is distant about a mile and a half from Colwyn Bay, from which town it is separated by that lovely belt of woodland, the far-famed Pwllychrochan Woods. It is reached by a typical country road, which an economic local authority has skilfully succeeded in neglecting, but, whatever the discomforts of travelling that way may be, the visitor is amply rewarded on reaching the level ground. The pure, bracing breezes are laden with health-giving properties, whilst the soul-enchanting scene of rare natural beauty which presents itself to the view is one which lingers long in the memory." [Colwyn Bay Weekly News, 29 September 1899]

Crëwyd y plwyf newydd Bryn y Maen ar 15 Mai, 1900 o rannau y plwyfi Colwyn; Bae Colwyn; Llaneilian, a Llansanffraid Glan Conwy.
Ym 1937, symudodd rhan o'r trefgordd Mochdre, o blwyf Llandrillo yn Rhos, i blwyf Bryn y Maen.

The new parish of Bryn y Maen was created on 15 May, 1900, from parts of the parishes of Colwyn; Colwyn Bay; Llaneilian, and Llansanffraid Glan Conwy.
In 1937, part of the township of Mochdre, from the parish of Llandrillo yn Rhos, moved into the parish of Bryn y Maen.



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