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Ysceifiog Church
St. Mary
Santes Fair
Cyf. AO/OS Ref.:
SJ 153714
Gradd/Grade II
Cyn/Pre 1974:
Sir Fflint/Flintshire
1974 - 1996:
Ers/Since 1996:
Sir y Fflint/Flintshire


Ysceifiog, or Ysgeifiog, is one of the ancient parishes of Flintshire. It originally comprised the eight townships of Batingen, Garneddwen, Gellilyfdy, Pen Ucha'r Plwy, Prys (or Prysau), Trefraith, Tre'r Llan Isaf and Tre'r Llan Uchaf.

On 27 June 1848, parts of the townships of Garneddwen, Tre'r Llan Uchaf and Pen Ucha'r Plwy went to the new parish of Rhesycae.

On 19 August 1853, part of the township of Gellilyfdy went to the new parish of Gorsedd.

In 1854, parts of the townships of Pen Ucha'r Plwy and Prys went to the new parish of Brynford.

By 1835, the old church was in such a state of dilapidation that services had to be discontinued. The building was demolished, and a new church was erected on the same site during 1836/1837.

For family history information about the church and parish, visit the GenUKI Ysceifiog page.

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