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How much do you know about the history, geography, culture and genealogy of Denbighshire?

Answer all twenty questions, then click the button at the bottom of the page to find out how well you've done.

Question 1 - Which is the county town of Denbighshire?


Question 2 - Which was once the home of the 'Ladies of Llangollen'?

 Plas Isa
 Plas Newydd
 Plas Ucha

Question 3 - On which river does the city of St. Asaph stand?


Question 4 - Which parish church contains the family vault of the Yale's of Plas yn Iâl?

 Llanarmon yn Iâl

Question 5 - In which building is the Denbighshire Record Office situated?

 Denbigh Castle
 Ruthin Gaol
 St. Asaph Cathedral

Question 6 - Which parish church is known as the 'Marble Church'?

 St. Asaph

Question 7 - Around which lake has the Rhyl Miniature Railway run since 1911?

 Blue Lagoon
 Marine Lake
 Ocean Lake

Question 8 - Which newspaper was established in 1843 in Denbigh by Thomas Gee?

 Y Cymro
 Y Drych
 Y Faner

Question 9 - The parish church at Gwyddelwern is dedicated to which saint?

 St. Beuno
 St. Foddhyd
 St. Tysilio

Question 10 - Which of the Llanarmon yn Iâl censuses is officially 'missing'?


Question 11 - The parish of Derwen was in which Poor Law Union?

 St. Asaph

Question 12 - Where is the source of the River Clwyd?

 Clocaenog Forest
 Horseshoe Pass
 Moel Famau

Question 13 - Which historic Meirionydd commote became part of Denbighshire in 1996?


Question 14 - Where was the North Wales Sanatorium, a tuberculosis hospital, built in WWI?


Question 15 - What was explorer Henry Morton Stanley's name at birth?

 David Morton
 Stanley Owen
 John Rowlands

Question 16 - Which church was built around 1300 as a Garrison Chapel to Denbigh Castle?

 St. Hilary
 St. Marcella
 St. Mary

Question 17 - Which historic Denbigh house was the seat of the Salusbury family?

 Plas Newydd

Question 18 - In which parish can Valle Crucis Abbey and Eliseg's Pillar be found?


Question 19 - Which ship has lain wrecked in the Foryd harbour since 1906?

 City of Ottowa
 City of Quebec
 City of Toronto

Question 20 - Which ancient Dyffryn Clwyd parish comprised of only one township, Rhydellteyrn?


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