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How much do you know about the history, geography, culture and genealogy of Wrexham?

Answer all twenty questions, then click the button at the bottom of the page to find out how well you've done.

Question 1 - Elihu Yale is buried in which Wrexham churchyard?

 St. Giles
 St. Mark
 St. Michael

Question 2 - Which engineer constructed the Pontcysylllte aqueduct in the early 1800s?

 Thomas Adams
 Thomas Penson
 Thomas Telford

Question 3 - Who was the famous 18th century 'Blind Harper of Wynnstay'?

 Thomas Jones
 John Parry
 William Rowland

Question 4 - In which Wrexham church did Owain Glynd┼Ár marry in 1383?

 Bangor is y Coed

Question 5 - The parish church at Marchwiel is dedicated to which saint?

 St. Deiniol
 St. Hilary
 St. Marcella

Question 6 - The poet R S Thomas was curate of which Maelor parish from 1940 to 1942?

 Tallarn Green

Question 7 - In which grand house was George Jeffreys (The Hanging Judge) born in 1645?

 Acton Hall
 Emral Hall
 Erddig Hall

Question 8 - Which Maelor village is known in Welsh as 'Llannerch Banna'?


Question 9 - Which one of the Ruabon censuses is officially 'missing'?


Question 10 - The parish of Chirk was in which Poor Law Union?


Question 11 - The Flintshire parish of Marford & Hoseley was an exclave within which parish?


Question 12 - In which part of town was the former Wrexham workhouse located?

 King's Mills

Question 13 - Which Cornish family became famous brickmasters at Ruabon?


Question 14 - The former Plas Kynaston colliery was in which village?


Question 15 - Which parish church was once known as the 'New Fens Chapel'?


Question 16 - Which parish church is famous for its ancient yew trees?

 Bangor is y Coed

Question 17 - Which river powered the historic King's Mills in Abenbury?


Question 18 - With which Welsh ancestral family is Brynkinallt associated?


Question 19 - Where in Wrexham were the barracks of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers located?


Question 20 - Which Wrexham brewery's logo featured a 'Red Dragon Rampart'?


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