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Exterior photograph of Cerrgydrudion church

St. Mary Magdalene

Santes Fair Fadlen

Ordnance Survey Reference:

SH 953487S


Grade II

Pre-1974 county:


1974 to 1996 county:


Post-1996 county:


Cerrigydrudion is one of the ancient parishes of Denbighshire. It comprised the townships of Clust-y-blaidd, Cwmpenanner (or Tre'r Cwm), Hafod-y-maidd (or Tre-hafod-y-maidd), Llaethwryd, Trebrys Uchaf, Tre'rfoel, Tre'r Geifr, Tre'rllan, and Tre'r Abad Uchaf (also known as Tir yr abad Uchaf, Rhwyng Brenig ac Alwen, or Tre tu hwnt i Alwen).

The church, which is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene, is believed to have been founded as early as AD 440. It was mentioned in the Norwich Taxation of 1254. It was repaired and enlarged in 1503, and restored in 1874.

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