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Exterior photograph of Gwytherin church

St. Winifred

Santes Gwenfrewi

Ordnance Survey Reference:

SJ 877614


Grade II

Pre-1974 county:


1974 to 1996 county:


Post-1996 county:


Gwytherin is one of the ancient parishes of Denbighshire; and has been described as "remote and mountainous". It is divided into two townships, Is-llan and Uwch-llan. At one time, there were two other townships, Pennant and Cornwal.

According to legend, St. Winifred, after leaving Holywell, became Abbess of a convent at Gwytherin.

The original church appears to have been founded by St. Eleri. It was re-built at some early period, and re-dedicated in the name of St. James. This building eventually became very dilapidated, and was taken down in 1867. The new church, which was consecrated on 3 June 1869, was dedicated to St. Winifred.

St. Winifred's church closed in 2005, and is now a Historic Centre and Creative Arts Studio.

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