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Exterior photograph of Penley church

St. Mary Magdalene

Santes Fair Fadlen

Ordnance Survey Reference:

SJ 413400



Pre-1974 county:

Flintshire (detached)

1974 to 1996 county:


Post-1996 county:


Penley (Welsh: Llannerch Banna) is in the Maelor Saesneg, the former detached part of historic Flintshire.

The church was originally a chapelry of the parish of Ellesmere, in Shropshire, England, but it became a separate parish towards the end of the Commonwealth period. However, this status was short-lived, as it reverted to a chapelry within the parish of Ellesmere in early 1661, shortly after the restoration of Charles II. More than 200 years later, during the 1860's, it again became a separate parish.

Penley was in the diocese of Lichfield until 1920, when, following the disestablishment and disendowment of the Church in Wales, it was transferred to the diocese of St. Asaph.

The original church was built "of timber, lath and plaister" in about 1538, as a chapel of ease to Ellesmere. In 1793 it was demolished, and replaced by a brick structure. A century later, this had itself become structurally unsound; and work began on its successor on 19 June 1899. The first service in the new church was held on 15 November 1901, and it was consecrated on 5 June 1902.

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