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Caerhun War Memorial


The Caerhun War Memorial commemorates those men of the area who were killed during World War I and World War II.  The memorial is adjacent to the "Red Lion", Tyn-y-Groes.

Caerhun is a scattered rural community on the west bank of the River Conwy, in the County Borough of Conwy.  Until 1974 the area was part of historic Caernarfonshire,  and between 1974 and 1996 part of the county of Gwynedd.  In 1996, Caerhun became part of the newly-formed county borough of Conwy.


1914-1918 War


Rank,Name & Service Number:Captain BARBER Gordon
Service:Cameron Highlanders(1st Bn )
Died:22 Jul 1916
Details:Son of John and Jane Muir Barber, of "Little Heys," Bromborough, Cheshire.
Cemetery or Memorial:Becourt Military Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt, Somme, France

Rank,Name & Service Number:Gunner DEACON Stanley Douglas RMA/9576 (RMR/B/37)
Service:Royal Marine Artillery(H.M.S. Good Hope)
Died:1 Nov 1914
Details:Son of Stanley Deacon, W, 93 Station Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire
Cemetery or Memorial:

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private EVANS Thomas Foulkes 41358 Formerly Tr/9/33703, T.R.
Service:Suffolk Regiment(1st/4th Bn)
Died:26 Sep 1917
Details:Son of M A Evans, Cennin House, Central Buildings, Llangystenyn, Caernarfon.
Cemetery or Memorial:St. Julien Dressing Station Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Rank,Name & Service Number:Sailor HUGHES Edgar Arnold
Service:Mercantile Marine(S.S. Castilian) (London)
Died:18 Apr 1917   
Details:Son of David Arthur Hughes, of School House, Rowen, Tal-y-Cafn, Denbighshire and the late Anne Hughes. Born at Penmachno.
Cemetery or Memorial:Tower Hill Memorial, London

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private JONES Llewelyn Roberts 203626
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers(4th Reserve Bn)
Died:18 Feb 1917
Details:Husband of Ann Jane Roberts (nee Jones), of Fron Haul, Llanbedr-Y-Cennin. His real name was Llewelyn Roberts.
Cemetery or Memorial:Llanbedr-y-Cennin (St Peter) Churchyard, Caernarvonshire

Rank,Name & Service Number:JONES John
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Cemetery or Memorial:

Rank,Name & Service Number:Rifleman JONES Samuel Richard 555077
Service:London Regiment (Queen Victoria’s Rifles)(9th Bn)
Died:9 Oct 1918
Details:Son of Hugh and Margaret Jones, of the Post Office, Talybont, Talycafn, Denbighshire
Cemetery or Memorial:St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France

Rank,Name & Service Number:Lance Corporal KNOWLES David 277422
Service:Manchester Regiment(2nd/7th Bn)
Died:21 Mar 1918
Details:Son of William and Mary J. Knowles, of Tynrhwylfa, Tynygroes, Conway, Caernarfonshire.
Cemetery or Memorial:Pozieres Memorial, Somme,France

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private LLOYD Owen A 3089
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers(5th Bn)
Died:22 Sep 1915
Details:Son of Mrs. Annie Roberts, of Aber Beinw, Dolwyddelan, Caernarfonshire
Cemetery or Memorial:Hill 10 Cemetery, Gallipoli,Turkey

Rank,Name & Service Number:OWEN Lewis
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Cemetery or Memorial:

Rank,Name & Service Number:ROBERTS C.
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Cemetery or Memorial:

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private ROBERTS William 61283
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers(13th Bn)
Died:15 May 1918
Details:Son of William Roberts, of Ty Gwyn, Talybont, Talycafn, Denbighshire.
Cemetery or Memorial:Etaples Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private ROBERTS John 6(7)017
Service:Prince Albert’s (Somerset Light Infantry)(1st Battalion )
Died:21 Oct 1914
Cemetery or Memorial:

Rank,Name & Service Number:ROBERTS Willie
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Cemetery or Memorial:

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private THOMAS Edward 64581
Service:The King’s (Liverpool Regiment)(Labour Coy. )
Died:28 Mar 1917
Details:Husband of Louisa Thomas, Pen Wiun, Talycafn, Carnarvonshire.
Cemetery or Memorial:Caerhun (St. Mary) Churchyard, Caernarfonshire.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private THOMAS Evan 40464
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers(1st Bn)
Died:5 Apr 1917
Details:Son of Thomas Peter and the late Catherine Thomas, of 4 Mount Pleasant, Rowen, Conwy, Caernarfonshire.
Cemetery or Memorial:Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps,Somme,France

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private WILLIAMS John Elias 28453
Service:South Wales Borderers(4th Bn)
Died:29 Mar 1917
Details:Son of John W. and Ellen Williams, of Manchester House, Roe Wen, Conway, Caernarfonshire.
Cemetery or Memorial:Basra Memorial,Iraq

Rank,Name & Service Number:Gunner WILLIAMS Owen 215726
Service:Royal Field Artillery(92nd Bty.)(17th Bde)
Died:22 Aug 1917
Cemetery or Memorial:
Artillery Wood Cemetery,West-Vlaanderen, Belgium


1939-1945 War


Rank,Name & Service Number:Private DAVIES Robert William14640103
Service:Royal Warwickshire Regiment(1/7th Bn.)
Died:17 Jul 1944
Details:Son of Cromwell and Dora Davies, of Talybont, Conwy, Caernarfonshire.
Cemetery or Memorial:Fontenay-Le-Pesnel War Cemetery, Tessel, Calvados,France

Rank,Name & Service Number:Aircraftman 1st Class ROBERTS Edward 992994
Service:Royal Air ForceVolunteer Reserve
Died:9 Mar 1941
Details:Son of Hugh and M.E. Roberts, of Tynygroes.
Cemetery or Memorial:Caerhun (St. Mary)Churchyard,Caernarfonshire

Rank,Name & Service Number:Sergeant WILLIAMS Albert 1101199
Service:Royal Air ForceVolunteer ReserveNav. / Bomber
Died:10 May 1943
Details:Son of Robert Thomas Williams and Mary Williams, of Tynygroes, Caernarfonshire.
Cemetery or Memorial:




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