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The Garth Trefor War Memorial commemorates those men from the villages of Garth and Trefor who were killed in the two World Wars. The memorial was unveiled in Garth Trefor, between Garth and Trefor, on 5th Nov 1922.

Garth and Trefor are villages in the community of Llangollen Rural, on the banks of the River Dee in the County Borough of Wrexham. Until 1974 the area was part of historic Denbighshire and, between 1974 and 1996, part of the county of Clwyd. In 1996, Llangollen Rural became part of the newly-formed county of Denbighshire. However, in 1998, following a local referendum, the community was transferred into the neighbouring County Borough of Wrexham.


1914-1918 War


Rank,Name & Service Number:Private BEBB David 345270
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers(24th Bn.)
Died:19 Sep 1918
Details:Son of Mary Bebb, of Jeffrey Terrace, Pontcysyllte, and the late Evan Bebb.
Cemetery or Memorial:Pont-d'Achelles Military Cemetery, Nieppe, Nord, France.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Gunner CLUTTON William 92297
Service:Royal Garrison Artillery (255th Siege Bty.)
Died:  12 Aug 1918
Details:Son of James & Annie Clutton, of Garth Trefor; husband of Mary Jane Clutton, of 30, Church Street, Llangollen.
Cemetery or Memorial:Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery, Somme, France.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Acting Captain COSTER-EDWARDS John Francis
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers(3rd Bn.)attd. 24 Bat.
Died:11 Nov 1918
Details:Son of James Coster-Edwards & Laura Ellen Loftus Edwards (nee Tottenham) of Bryn Howel, Trefor.
Cemetery or Memorial:Terlincthun British Militery, Cemetery, Wimille, Pas de Calais, France.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private DAVIES Evan Goronwy 23048
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers("B" Coy. 9th Bn.)
Died:25 Sep 1915
Details:Son of Edward & Emma Davies, of Craig Fryn, Garth Trefor.
Cemetery or Memorial:Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais, France.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private DAVIES Iorwerth 48903
Service:South Wales Borderers("D" Coy. 6th Bn.)
Died:11 Nov 1918
Details:Son of Robert & Catherine Davies, of 4, Australia Terrace, Trefor.
Cemetery or Memorial:  Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimmille, Pas de Calais, France.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private JONES David 231289
Service:Canadian Infantry(31st Bn.)
Died:26 Jul 1917
Details:Son of Thomas & Ellen Jones, of Garth.
Cemetery or Memorial:    Fosse No. 10 Communal Cemetery Extension, Sains-en-Gohlle, Pas de Calais, France.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private JONES Evan Henry 242798
Service:South Lancashire Regiment(2nd/4th Bn.)
Died:27 Sep 1918
Son of Henry Jones of Penlan, Garth.
Cemetery or Memorial:Vis-en-Artois Memorial, Pas de Calais, France.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private JONES John Edward 11658
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers(8th Bn.)
Died:14 Aug 1915
Born Garth. Son of Henry Jones; husband of Mary Ellen Jones, of 1, Hall Street, Rhosllannerchrugog. Also commemorated on the  Rhosllannerchrugog War Memorial.
Cemetery or Memorial:Chatby Military and War Memorial Cemetery, Alexandria, Egypt.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Signaler JONES John
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers   
Cemetery or Memorial:

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private JONES Samuel
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Cemetery or Memorial:

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private LAMBERT Jesse 200904
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers(4th Bn.)
Died:14 Sep 1917
Details:Son of George & Emma Lambert, of Woodbank, Trefor.
Cemetery or Memorial:The Huts Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Rank,Name & Service Number:Lance Corporal MORRIS John Edward 16467
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers(13th Bn.)
Died:11 Jul 1916
Details:Son of Edward & Mary Ann Morris, of Mill House, Trefor Isa.
Cemetery or Memorial:Heilly Stataion Cemetery, Mericourt-l'Abbe, Somme, France.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private PARRY Richard Herbert Evan M/295835
Service:Army Service Corps
Died:20 Mar 1917
Details:Born Llandrillio, Merionethshire. Son of Robert Evan Parry, and the late Anne Parry.
Cemetery or Memorial:Brynllan Cemetery, Llandrillo, Corwen, Merionethshire.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private PRICE Albert 16602
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers(35th Bn.)
Died:16 Jul 1918
Husband of H Price, of 3, Australia Terrace, Trefor.
Cemetery or Memorial:St. Venant-Robecq Road British Cemetery, Robecq, Pas de Calais, France.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private PULLEN George D.C.M.200708
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers(9th Bn.)
Died:7 Jun 1917
Details:Son of Margaret Ellen Gibbons, of 19, Tower Hill, Acrefair.
Cemetery or Memorial:Menin Gate Memorial, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Driver ROBERTS James
Service:Royal Field Artillery
Cemetery or Memorial:

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private ROBERTS Llewellyn 43627
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers(14th Bn.)
Died:6 Apr 1917
Details:Son of Job & Mary Roberts, of Glanaber, Pontcysyllte.
Cemetery or Memorial:Essex Farm Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Sapper WAGG Benjamin 542471
Service:Royal Engineers(591st Fortress Coy.)
Died:1 Mar 1919   
Details:Husband of J Wagg, of Brynhyfryd, Garth.
Cemetery or Memorial:Noddfa Cemetery, Garth.


1939-1945 War


Rank,Name & Service Number:Lance Corporal DAVIES David Richard 4205205
Service:Monmouthshire Regiment (2nd Bn.)
Died:3 Jan 1945
Details:Son of David Richard & Annie Davies; husband of Elizabeth Jane Davies, of Trefor.
Cemetery or Memorial:Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Gelderland, Netherlands.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Fight Sergeant DUGGAN Thomas Douglas 1439832
Service:Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve(90 Sqdn.)Air Bomber
Died:13 Apr 1944
Details:Son of Thomas Oliver and Fanny Duggan, of Trefor.
Cemetery or Memorial:Fourdrain Communal Cemetery,Aisne,France.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Driver EDWARDS Clement T/255060
Service:Royal Army Service Corps
Died:1 Oct 1942
Cemetery or Memorial:
Hadra War Memorial Cemetery, Alexandria, Egypt.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Guardsman GRIFFITHS Samuel Lloyd 2734580
Service:Welsh Guards(1st Bn.)
Died:29 May 1940
Details:Son of Samuel Lloyd & Hannah Griffiths, of Trefor.
Cemetery or Memorial:West Cappel Churchyard, Nord, France.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Aircraftman 1st Class JONES John Eric 1022472
Service:Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Died:21 Sep 1944
Husband of Iris Jones, of Wrexham.
Cemetery or Memorial:Singapore Memorial, Singapore.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Flight Sergeant JONES John Owen 1622055
Service:Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (181 Sqdn.)
Died:4 Apr 1945
Details:Son of Frank & Blodwen Jones, of Trefor.
Cemetery or Memorial:Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Leading Seaman JONES Meirion Morris C/SSX 23899
Service:Royal Navy(HMS Paladin)
Died:17 Feb 1943
Details:Son of Thomas Jones, of Trefor.
Cemetery or Memorial:Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent, England.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Private JONES Wilfred   
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Cemetery or Memorial:

Rank,Name & Service Number:Gunner PRYCE Noel Anthony 791904
Service:Royal Artillery(17 Field Regt.)
Died:18 Jan 1943
Details:Son of Thomas Henry & Sarah Elizabeth Pryce.
Cemetery or Memorial:Medjez-el-Bab War Memorial, Tunisia,

Rank,Name & Service Number:Stoker 1st Class ROBERTS Evan Thomas P/K 66382
Service:Royal Navy(HMS Vortigern)
Died:15 Mar 1942
Details:Son of Evan & Margaret Ann Roberts, of Wrexham. Sunk off Cromer, Norfolk, England.
Cemetery or Memorial:Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire, England.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Fusilier MILLER John James 4193184
Service:Royal Welsh Fusiliers(7th Bn.)
Died:5 Jan 1945
Details:Son of John Owen & Mary Jane Miller; husband of Kitty Miller, of Llangollen.
Cemetery or Memorial:Hotton War Cemetery, Belgium.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Sergeant ROBERTS William Albert 3949512
Service:Welsh Regiment(1st Bn.)
Died:3 Aug 1940
Cemetery or Memorial:
Chatby Military and War Memorial, Alexandria, Egypt.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Lance Corporal ROGERS Robert William 4194979
Service:Royal Warwickshire Regiment(2nd Bn.)
Died:16 Apr 1945
Details:Son of John & Sarah Ellen Rogers, of Trefynant, Acrefair.
Cemetery or Memorial:Becklingen War Cemetery, Niedersachsen, Germany.

Rank,Name & Service Number:Gunner THELWELL Leslie Bertram
Service:Royal Artillery
Details:Son of Albert and Elsie Thelwell (nee Wilkes).Also listed at St. Collen's Church, Llangollen.
Cemetery or Memorial:

Rank,Name & Service Number:Aircraftman 2nd Class WILLIAMS John Robert 1118271
Service:Royal Air Force Reserve
Died:2 Feb 1946
Details:Son of Gabriel & Mary Jane Williams; husband of Mair Williams, of Froncysyllte.
Cemetery or Memorial:St David's Churchyard, Froncysyllte.




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