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The almshouses in Cerrigydrudion were endowed and built in 1717 by Robert Price (Prys) of Geeler (Giler), baron at His Majesty's Court of Exchequer, Westminster, initially for the accommodation of 6 poor men of the parish, aged over 60, members of the church, and who had been resident for more than 10 years. The Charity later supported 10 men. They were to receive 3/6d (17p) per week, new stockings and shoes every year, and a new overcoat every 2 years. The datestone placed over the centre door records the foundation, together with Biblical extracts from Luke, Tobit and Proverbs.

Restored datestone above the Almshouse door. For details of the restoration see Hel achau, No. 98 (September 2008), p. 39-41.

Unknown group attributed to Cerrigydrudion.

View of village date c1900.

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