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This photo of a football team is marked, on the back, Ewloe 1928.  (Contributed by Vic Roberts)

A very early photo of a Chapel Parade in Ewloe. "It's likely that it's an anniversary or 'jubilee' event to do with Ewloe Primitive Methodist Chapel, as it was known at that time. These annual parades were still going on when I was a youngster in the '40s, but I think that they had faded out by the late-'50s. From the clothes, I would guess that the period is late Victorian or Edwardian.". (Contributed by Vic Roberts)

A rather out-of-focus photo of the Mens' Bible Class of Ewloe P.M. Sunday School taken in 1930. "I recognise the building as the bakery of the Ewloe Co-op, which burned down in 1958 - a new Co-op was later built on the same spot. It's still there, and the field where the photo was taken is now the Co-op car park. The chapel, which is now known as the Highway Methodist Church, is immediately across the road." (Contributed by Vic Roberts)

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