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All Saints Parish Church.

All Saints Parish Church. An interior photo of around 1890. All Saints is regarded as "one of the finest parish churches in Wales" and is Grade I listed. (Contributed by Graham Price)

All Saints Parish Church. An interior photo taken at a later date than that above.

All Saints Parish Church. An interior photo..

The Gresford Rifle Volunteers circa 1882. "With the considerable help of Major E. L. (Peter) Kirby, MC TD DL, of Betws y Coed, identification and notes are as follows: Centre is my great grandfather, Frederick Price of Gresford Mills, commissioned Ensign, Gresford Volunteer Rifle Corps 2 May 1867, promoted to Lieutenant 1 June 1873, and believed to have retired in 1890 with the honorary rank of Captain. Major Kirby states that Frederick Price wears the cross belt appropriate to a rifle corps yet is wearing the uniform of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. On his right is (probably) his company Sergeant Major and on his left, it is believed, is the Regimental Sergeant Major. The lace on the cuffs of the latter is not that of an officer and his right arm seems to have a crown and what appear to be service stripes. His sword is not to regulation officers pattern and even though thus armed he also has a cane in his right hand. The photograph shows a total of thirty men plus a suggestion of one other on the left of the picture. This seems to confirm that the Gresford Corps was about that number and is reinforced by the fact that Gresford and Chirk were linked to form 'E Company'. (Contributed by Graham Price)

Wilderness Mill, a corn mill on the banks of the Afon Alyn in Pont y Capel Lane, between Gresford and Llay. (Contributed by Graham Price)

Gresford. Railway Station. C 1960

Gresford. Railway Station and Signal Box. C 1960

Gresford. Railway Station early photo.

Gresford. Goods train coming through Gresford Station.

Gresford. Sir Theodore Locomotive at Gresford Colliery.

Gresford Colliery. North Wales Rescue Brigade "A" Team, March 30th 1914. Front (l-r) P Williamson, T Hughes, F. J Davies, T.R Tilston, Back (l-r) J.E Fidler, Sergeant Major Herbert, R rigby.

Gresford Colliery. Depicting the last coal from the colliery. Gresford was officially closed on 10 November 1973 due to a combination of exhaustion of existing coal reserves and geological problems.

Gresford. High Street. c 1910.

Gresford. High Street. c 1910.

Gresford. High Street. c 1910.

Gresford Station - date unknown.

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