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"The pictures were taken around 1919/20 at a Prep School in Prestatyn, but I do not know the name of the school. Could it be St Chad’s? My father, Trevor Jayne Williams, is in both pictures and, in each instance, is on the front row sitting cross legged in the middle of the row, beneath the 'dog collar wearing principal'. I am guessing the photos were taken approx. 1919/20. My father was born in Prestatyn in July 1913 at a property called Sunnyside, near the Royal Victoria Hotel. The earlier photo was taken by Wills Jones, Magnet Studio, Rhyl and my grandmother has written 'Trevor age 6', so the earlier picture must have been taken in 1919. If any of the members of the society recognise relatives or teachers in either of the photographs or can identify the school, I would be grateful to hear from them. I was fortunate to pick up the later of the two postcards at a postcard collectors' fair where the dealer knew the card was a Prestatyn card. I was amazed to spot my father in an almost identical position to that of the earlier card which I already had a copy of." (Contributed by Julian Williams)

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