Ceiriog Valley

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The Cross, Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog

The Cross in the centre of the village of Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog. The Glyn Valley Tramway track can be seen against the wall on the right.

Glyn Hotel, Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog

The Glyn Hotel at Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog. The tracks and sheds of the Glyn Valley Tramway can be seen on the left of the photograph.

Baptist Chapel, Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog

The Baptist Chapel at Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog.

Coed y Glyn, Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog

Overlooking Glyn Ceiriog.

Glyn Ceiriog

Looking down Dyffryn Ceiriog from Llansanffraid. St. Ffraid's parish church and graveyard can be seen to the right of the photograph. (Postmarked 1905).


The birthplace of Ceiriog, John Ceiriog Hughes (1832–1887), the famous poet and collector of Welsh folk tunes.

Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog

The bridge over the Afon Ceiriog at Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog.

Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog

The village.


The village of Dolywern.


The village of Pontfadog.

Glyn Valley Tramway

The engine Sir Theodore attached to a train on the Glyn Valley Tramway.

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