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The Mill

The four storey stone-built corn mill and weir on the River Dee. A mill is believed to have existed on this site since the 11th century.

Erbistock Ferry

This hand-operated chain ferry crossed the River Dee, connecting Erbistock to Overton. The pub on the Erbistock side of the river is the 17th century Boat Inn.

Erbistock Ferry

A close-up view of the hand-operated chain ferry that once crossed the River Dee outside the Boat Inn. (Contributed by Graham Price)

Ferry Walk

The Ferry Walk and the Boat Inn on the north bank of the River Dee. (Contributed by Graham Price)

Erbistock Ferry

The ferry in use. The Boat Inn can be seen across the River Dee with St. Hilary's parish church, constructed around 1860, to the right.


One of the many picturesque cottages in the village.

Fern Cottage

The picturesque Fern Cottage in the village.

Fern Cottage

Another view of Fern Cottage. (Contributed by Graham Price)

St. Hilary's Church

One of several churches built on this site, the present building, which is dedicated to St. Hilary, was constructed in 1860/1861.

Overton Bridge

Overton Bridge crossing the River Dee, with the Cross Foxes pub on the Erbistock side.

Overton Bridge

Overton Bridge and the River Dee, looking down-stream from the Cross Foxes pub.

The Cross Foxes

The Cross Foxes pub, built for workers on the Wynnstay Estate and dating back to 1748, on the Erbistock side of Overton Bridge. The signpost in the distance points left to Ruabon and right towards Marchwiel and Wrexham.

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