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Hope Parish Church

The parish church of St. Cynfarch & St. Cyngar. (Contributed by Graham Price)

Lower Street, Caergwrle

Housing on Lower Street, Caergwrle. (Contributed by Peter Chadwick)

Sarn Bridge

Crossing the old Sarn Bridge over the Afon Alun in Hope. The tower of the parish church can be seen in the distance.

Sarn Bridge

The old Sarn Bridge with the railway embankment in the distance. (Contributed by Graham Price)


A general view of Caergwrle from the Castle. (Contributed by Graham Price)

Caergwrle Castle

The ruins of Caergwrle Castle. (Contributed by Graham Price)

Caergwrle Castle

A day out at Caergwrle Castle, a popular tourist attraction. (Contributed by Peter Chadwick)

Caergwrle Castle

The footpath up to Caergwrle Castle. The stalls provided refreshments for the many tourists visiting the site. (Contributed by Peter Chadwick)

Caergwrle Post Office

The old Caergwrle post office in Castle Street. (Contributed by Peter Chadwick)

Caergwrle Station

Caergwrle Castle Station with Bryn y Gaer in the background. The station, on the Wrexham Central to Bidston line, has been known at various times as Bridge End, Caergwrle Castle and Caergwrle Castle & Wells, but today as simply Caergwrle. (Contributed by Peter Chadwick)

Bridge End, Caergwrle

Bridge End and the Bridge Hotel. (Contributed by Peter Chadwick)

Bridge End Mill, Caergwrle

Bridge End Mill on the Afon Alun. (Contributed by Graham Price)

Old Mill, Caergwrle

The Old Mill on the Afon Alun. (Contributed by Graham Price)

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