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Marford Hill

Some of Marford's distinctive buildings, which were originally built for the estate workers of Trevalyn Hall and noted for their architectural 'Gothic Revival' curves. (Contributed by Graham Price)

Trevor Arms (1)

The Trevor Arms on Marford Hill. The inn takes its name from the Trevor dynasty of nearby Trefalyn Hall. (Contributed by Graham Price)

Trevor Arms (2)

A stagecoach pulls up at the Trevor Arms, a 17th-century coaching in on Marford Hill. (Contributed by Graham Price)

Marford Mill

This building replaced the original mill, which was known as 'Lower Merford Mill' (as the 'Rossett Mill' was then known as 'Merfod Mill'!), when it was destroyed by fire in 1791. Both mills stand on the banks of the "Mill Stream" fed from Afon Alyn, on opposite sides of the Chester Road, to the south of Rossett. (Contributed by Graham Price)

Marford Hall

Marford Hall, a 'modern' addition to the village, was built in 1805. (Contributed by Graham Price)

Horsley Hall

The original Plas yn Horsli, in the Parish of Merffordd, was an important house in Powys Fadog. There were several re-builds and extensions throughout its life, but the building was finally demolished in 1963. (Contributed by Peter Chadwick)

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